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Vincent Lo Vincent Lo and Shui On Group
“Branding Properties for Sustainable Growth in China
written by Frederik Pretorius, Emily Ho, Mark Niu, Jim Laurie

This programme and case study explore how Shui On, a large Hong Kong-based property developer, leveraged its established relationship with the Shanghai government to obtain the rights to participate in a  large urban redevelopment project.  Vincent Lo tells the story of the renovation of the now world-famous Xintiandi retail and entertainment centre.  This episode also probes whether or not the company can repeat its success in other Chinese cities by exploiting the brand value of its flagship project.

Case Study relevance:  Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and General Management

Ho Kwon Ping Ho Kwon Ping and Banyan Tree Holdings Ltd
Brand Sustainability in Rapid Global Expansion
written by Cathy Enz, Ali Farhoomand, Pauline Ng, Chris Dobson, Jim Laurie

Singapore-based Banyan Tree has niche positions in three core areas: hotels and resorts, spas and retail. With more than 120 international awards and accolades, and a successful IPO in June 2006, Ho Kwon Ping has ambitious expansion plans. This programme and case study explore the challenges surrounding global branding of an Asian villa-themed spas and resort business. The dangers of brand dilution are addressed within the context of developing a niche market based on customer experience.

Case Study relevance: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and General Management

Shinji Hattori Shinji Hattori and Seiko Watch Corporation
Moving Upmarket
Written by Ali Farhoomand, Tom Hout, Amir Hoosain, Rob McBride, Jim Laurie

As high-end watches became more and more a status and fashion symbol in the 1990s and 2000s, Seiko, arguably the world's foremost innovator in the watch industry, had to deal with the issues surrounding stagnant sales and ambiguities surrounding its brand. This programme and case study examine how Shinji Hattori, a great-grandson of Seiko founder Kintaro Hattori and current president and CEO, is trying to lift the Company's brand and margins through technological innovation and brand repositioning.  He reveals that as with the management of many Japanese corporations, Hattori take a long term view.  This programme will be seen in October on BBC WORLD NEWS.

Case Study relevance: Strategy and General Management, Marketing

Kiran Mazumdar Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Biocon
From Generics Manufacturing to Biopharmaceutical Innovation
Michael Enright, Venkat Subramanian, Jeroen van den Berg, Rob McBride, Jim Laurie

Following a successful IPO in April 2004, Biocon - India's foremost biotech company - is in the midst of an ambitious overhaul and strategic expansion. Long dependent on revenues from the production of enzymes and generic drugs, the Company feels competitive pressures from within the country, as well as from other developing economies such as China. This programme and case study show how the company's founder, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, intends to take the company to the next level by transforming Biocon from a producer of generics into India's first true international innovator in the field of biotechnology.    This programme will be seen in October on BBC WORLD NEWS.

Case Study relevance: Entrepreneurship, Strategy and General Management